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The question is not whether you want to do DIGITAL, its how well do you want to do DIGITAL

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Even Offline business needs an Online presence

The internet is expanding like the universe. There is plenty of room. Why not claim your space?
Your customers are online... Are you there to meet them?

Ireland’s digital economy is forecast to be €21.1bn by 2020, 10% of GDP.

Irish consumers have an average of 3 connected devices

Ireland is ranked 6th (by Google, out of 46 countries) globally for multi-screening

25% of Irish consumers will leave a website that is not mobile responsive

93% of people who research on mobile go on to make a final purchase

Over 90% of Irish people aged 25-34 browse the internet every day.

This penetration slides down through the age groups but still comes in at over 70% of 55 years olds are daily browsers.

  • Losing sales

    6/10 Irish SMEs can’t take sales orders online

  • Hard to deal with

    9/10 SMEs cant process orders online

  • Wont get Found

    Half of Irish SMEs do not have a responsive website

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