October 14, 2015

Content, SEO and Social

content, SEO and social


Content, SEO and Social … The online blessed trinity


Having a website is only the first step; getting it found is the journey.



Though we are only one year removed from the launch of the one billionth website, the one trillionth will probably launch in 2016.


With a little planning and organistion you can use content, SEO and social to make it easier for your website to get found. Every time you post or update your website you should incorporate these activities together.


Content = Solution


Your content should provide a solution to the reader. They’ve searched for something they need or help with a problem. Don’t bang on about features and sales messages. Use your content to describe the practical application of your product or service and how it can make their life easier; because that’s what people really want.



It’s your content so you won’t have an editor, director, studio boss creating an obstruction. Go ahead and tell your story.


Create a trail with SEO


SEO is a ‘best practise’ for good websites but a little misunderstood as to what exactly it is and how its done. SEO should be part of you content creation process. While researching your subjects and topics, you need to put some thought into keywords and meta descriptions to help the clickability.



People are searching for the products and services you provide. Are you there to meet them?


Social = Amplification


Your social posts are a loud speaker for your content. They need to contain a link back to your site. People may not search for you content but that doesn’t stop it being shown to them elsewhere. When people engage with your social posts it allows others to see it too, which broadens the reach further.



Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets, Mentions, Quote Tweets, #Hashtags and all other other ways you interact with social posts help push your message out to more people.


The conversations are happening you may as well join in.


Key Takeaways

  1. Is your website alive or dead? <Hint:- if you don’t update it regularly… it’s dead>
  2. Does your content tell a story? Does it help and inspire further action?… It should.
  3. SEO will help you focus your content messages and help your audience find you.
  4. Amplify your messages through social media.
  5. It’s not too late to embrace digital for your business and apply content, SEO and social to you marketing plans.
  6. Why not get in touch and see what you can do?


Next Steps

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